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Power Washing New Hope PA

At Dapper Home Services, LLC we take pride in our maintenance services.  The town of New Hope has a unique charm that requires a special touch and level of detail.  The northeast elements, especially in the area of Bucks County, lend itself to high levels of mold and lichen growth on exterior surfaces. Tree cover, causing shade, paired with rain and pollen can increase the need for regular maintenance and care. 

Our team has dedicated countless hours to research and perfecting our hands on technique.  When done properly power and softwashing services are an effective solution. 

Power Washing Process

We believe that an estimate should be personalized and complimentary. We tailor our estimates to each customer’s specific needs.  Our experts will walk you through the best options for your home.  We will listen to your needs and concerns and will answer any questions you may have.  We will schedule your visit on the spot.  Our professional staff will arrive at your location at a pre-determined time.

We will inform you that we have arrived and do a preliminary walk-thru before beginning any work. Once we have ensured the integrity of your property we will begin the cleaning process. We ask that you stay in your home while we perform our work for the safety of yourself and our employees. We will begin by rinsing down your home and windows (screens should be removed), once this is done we will apply our cleaning detergent, which will be timed to set and reach its full potential efficacy. At which point, we will rinse down your home to make it shine.

Power Washing New Hope Pa

Quality Work

At Dapper Home Services, LLC we strive to make your home the talk of the town.  We are often told that our clients homes feel like new again.  There is nothing more rewarding.  Our services include everything from the roof down to the sidewalks, patios and pool decks.  Our experts have the knowledge and equipment to clean any surface! Our high-quality exterior cleaning service has been highly recommended by previous customers for years.  Click here to see what our satisfied homeowners have to say!

Roof Washing New Hope PA

Whether it’s a pitched roof, flat roof, mansard roof, etc. the need for an exterior cleaning begins at the tippy top.  Roof washing in New Hope, Pa is just as, if not more important than cleaning your homes siding. By neglecting regular roof maintenance and cleaning, you can potentially be shortening the shingles lifespan. Roof cleaning technique is specialized.  This is not a typical “honey do” list item as height, pitch, and solution can make for a potentially dangerous situation.  This should be left to the skilled professionals.  Our team is dedicated to the safety of your family members, the longevity of your roof, and the care of your entire home.

Roof Washing Process

We treat every project, big or small, feet off of the ground or inches, small cape or large castle with the exact same care and respect.  We do offer package discounts when multiple services are scheduled simultaneously.  Let our experts know about all of the services you are interested in to ensure you are receiving the best pricing available. 

During any of our services, for the safety of your family and our team we request you stay indoors until the work is complete. Our services for roof cleaning differ from our siding services in that we do not pre-rinse,  We do this to ensure our detergents are absorbed into the shingle. When this happens the mold, moss, and lichen are removed not just on the surface, but at the root of the growth! Over the next few days you will see our work magically transform your roof. Black streaks and moss, turn yellow, and/or disappear completely. We let mother nature do the rest. 

Window Cleaning New Hope Pa

Quality Work

With every job, our Dapper team takes great pride in every step. Our trusted techniques keep your roof cleaner longer while protecting your roof and increasing your curb appeal.  We have a three storm promise.  If mother nature doesn’t leave your roof looking as good as new after a Dapper roof wash service we will come back out to inspect!  The customer experience is our highest priority. 

Window Cleaning New Hope PA

Dapper Home Services originally got its start in the window cleaning field.  Our old-world techniques and modern technology are the perfect finishing touches to a power/softwash. Window cleaning is usually the forgotten gem and with the charm of a New Hope home a detail that can’t be neglected. When you get your windows cleaned by Dapper professionals you truly see the difference. From the window sills to a streak-free finish, we have you covered!

Window Cleaning Process

As with our power/soft wash services our estimate process is personalized and complimentary.  We will require basic preliminary details, including but not limited to how many windows along with the style and approximate age.  We clean most all windows and skylights for maximum customer satisfaction. We will arrive at your home and inform you once we arrive while performing a preliminary walkaround. Once we inspect the work areas we will begin cleaning the inside and outside of your windows simultaneously.


We clean more than just the glass.  Included in your cleaning are the window sills, glass (interior and exterior), and may also include a wipe down of mullions and a screen wipe down or wash.  You will clearly see the attention to detail and the difference that a professional makes.  Once we have completed the cleaning process we will go review our work with you to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Window Cleaning New Hope PA

Quality Work

Dapper Home Services, LLC was started by husband and wife team Nicole and Igor Skaro the former owners of HD Window Cleaning. Due to our old-world approach and our modern equipment and knowledge, we can clean your windows like no other. Request an estimate today to find out why customers say “They did a great job on my windows” and “We will always recommend this company”.