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Professional Window Cleaning

Soft Washing

Professional Window Cleaning

At Dapper Home Services, we know that cleaning your home windows seems like it’d be just like having a professional window cleaning done, but there are benefits.

One of these benefits is extending the life of your windows. What typically happens is the types of window cleaners you buy for your home don’t get rid of all the lime deposits that can cling to windows by showers, or the other deposits that can form from the outdoors. This is doubly true for your window screens. When done professionally a combination of our commercial grade cleaning solutions, and our knowledge and experience using them, makes sure to get rid of those deposits to help prevent your windows from cracking and chipping.

It can also help discover window problems early, as your windows will get taken closely looked at. This includes broken, loose, or cracked window casings, any wood rot happening in any of the window seals, as well as small things that can have a huge impact on insects getting in. Such as your screens no longer being attached properly, and properly-being reattached.

Speaking of properly attached, if you have spots inside double pane windows, and have never cleaned the inside of them before, I would highly suggest for you to make sure you get a professional window cleaning done. If done incorrectly, the window will crack and break, costing you far more money in the long run.

Crystal Clear Cleaning

Not only will the windows be crystal clear, but when done professionally like here at Dapper Home Services they will stay clean longer. This can range from weeks, to months of not having to worry about a window again, and being able to see out of it as if it wasn’t even there. 


Getting your windows professionally cleaned will also allow the pros to discover the reason for spots forming on your windows, and how to prevent that for each individual window in the future. Not all houses are built the same, and neither are the windows for the house. Sometimes it can be something such as you’ve chosen a cheaper mulch that stays in front of the window, and that mulch is emitting black spores which are the cause of the window spots. 


Other times it can just be the rain in the area is particularly tough, and attaching something to help keep the rain off, or to help keep the rain sliding off will be what your house needs to have crystal clear windows year round.

House Wash

When windows aren’t taken care of, they let in bugs and insects into your home year-round. This extends from the windows themselves, to the mullions and window sills. With all of this taken into mind, why would you take that chance on letting bugs and insects into the home you’ve worked so hard for?

This can also happen from having cracks around the windows, and if you hire a company that doesn’t fix that for you, we urgently advise you to fix it yourself if it’s still visible. If they even told you about it. If you ever have cracks around window sills, or any of your windows, even a tiny crack can allow insects in. 

If professionals are not an option for you, we urge you to still fix those cracks. Start by cleaning the outside, and try to make sure you get as much as possible off. Afterward fill those cracks in with waterproof caulk at the minimum to help keep your home, yours. Make sure to do this as soon as possible, but preferably on a bright sunny day so that the caulk has time to dry. 

If you would still like to do it yourself, we’d highly suggest making sure you do it right the first time and would suggest you learn more here. 

Even small things beyond the windows like the previously stated cheaper mulch can have a big impact. Gutters not properly being cleaned can also attract these same bugs and insects, or a house that hasn’t been power washed in years. 

Get affordable & Professional window & gutter cleaning power washing services from Dapper Home Services.

We’ll take care of your home as if it was our own.  

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