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Roof Cleaning Services for Western NJ and Eastern PA

Why Are We The Best Roof Cleaners in PA?

At Dapper Home Services, we understand the importance of a clean, and well-maintained roof. Your roof is not just a protective shield; it’s a significant part of your home’s aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. Not only will our cleaning regimes make your roof last longer, look newer, and raise your home’s value, but it’ll help give you piece of mind. Let our expert team handle the dangerous dirty work of cleaning your roof, while you focus on the things that matter.

At Dapper Home Services, we take pride in providing top-notch pressure washing and soft washing services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, regardless of their location. We understand that every property has its distinct requirements, and we go the extra mile to customize our approach accordingly. Our dedicated team of professionals ensures that the same level of meticulousness, attention to detail, and dedication is applied to every project, guaranteeing consistent excellence across all locations.

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Our Commitment to Quality

Our professional cleaning staff is highly skilled, trained, and equipped with the latest tools and techniques to ensure that your space is always clean, maintained, and will endure the elements for years to come.

We use the latest in industry standards called Soft washing, soft washing is cleaning with a chlorinated solution to kill all organics(Mold, Lichen, Etc.) that have attached themselves to your home and roof. Cleaning with soft wash applications increases the duration the clean lasts on your home, and thereby lengthening the duration between cleans needed.

Benefits of Yearly Roof Cleanings in Lehigh Valley PA!

Prolonged Roof Life

Regular roof cleaning is more than just cosmetic—it’s preventive maintenance that extends the life of your roof. By removing harmful contaminants, we help safeguard your roof from deterioration, avoiding potential leaks and the need for expensive repairs.

Energy Efficiency Boosts

A clean roof is an efficient roof. With reduced heat absorption, your home stays cooler during warmer months, reducing the load on your cooling systems and ultimately cutting down your energy costs. Enjoy a more energy-efficient home with our professional roof cleaning.

Health and Safety Assurance

Beyond appearance, our roof cleaning services prioritize your family’s health and safety. Mold, algae, and moss growth not only damage your roof but can also pose health risks. Things that may seem small like dark patches can actually be dangerous mold growing on your roof. Our thorough cleaning eradicates these hazards, ensuring a safer, healthier living environment.

Property Value Enhancement

A clean roof enhances your property’s value. Potential buyers or tenants are attracted to a well-maintained home, and a sparkling roof plays a significant role in leaving a positive first impression. Maximize your property’s potential with our expert roof cleaning services.

Roof Cleaning Service Areas


New Jersey

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